Realm of Eternity

Launch of the 4e Campaign
start of 4e

The Start of this campaign takes us to the War torn City of Duskenport on the Continent of Shar. Duskenport was overtaken by an Orc Horde allied with a group of Drow, led by a dark master who has yet to be reveiled. The Horde’s occupation has lasted 10 years, and now the former inhabitants, along with allies, come from Haven Isle to reconquer their homeland, as their first step toward the City of Sharran, the capital of the Sharran Empire that once ruled here long ago.

The armies advancing were comprised of the Esuni Mages from Haven and Riveron. The Swordmages of Voldorn, and the Adrastai Knights. A small band of heros made up of one member from each faction lead a distraction team into the city and aim at cutting the head of the orc commander. A Esuni Guardian named Niia, A Radiant of the Sun God Martog named Korren, and A Swordmage by the name of Cross.

Their intial fight leads them to face a group of orcs and their unit leader, a Claw of Loexar, the holy leaders of the Orc’s god.


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