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Realm of Eternity

The Realm of Eterenity (RoE for short) is a complete campaign setting created by experienced players. The world has under gone some changes do to the introduction of 4e, like most other campaign settings. Further in this section you will find specifics to Races, Classes, and other details needed for play in this world.

Races of RoE

For all races used in RoE, reference the Dungeon’s and Dragon’s 4th Edition books. In this section we will review the most commonly used races and their place in the world. All other races are available, and will be added on a later date.


Here is a list of the 4E classes that exist in Dungeon’s and Dragons. In this section we will cover what role they play in the world and frequent attitudes and outlooks. That is not to say that players can’t go a different route, but merely indicating what is typical.


The RoE settings have a different outlook on dieties. Here you will see a brief introduction into how the pantheon was formed, and information on each “god”.


RoE bases itself on the world of Rossior, a land that is vast and uncharted. The focus of the campaign as it is right now lands you in the Continent of Shar, where many of the races are believed to have been born.

Main Page

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