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Capital: Riveron City

Population: 50,000 (85% Human, 10% Half Elf, 5 %Elven)

Government: Monarchy (King Xandos Nathandem)

Religions: Adrastar

Exports: Wine, Ale, cloths, timber, food

Alignment: G


Founded in the year 1372 SC, the Kingdom of Riveron was founded by the God Ramas, while still a mortal before his ascending. It was started as a trade center for the budding society of people who had fled the tyranny of the Shar empire, ruled by Ramas’ brother Dorm. The sister city soon became a great empire itself and an expample of racial and religious tolerance.

After having a son born to him and mature in age, Ramas left the Kingdom to him and went on to take on his godly duties. The Kingdom was entrusted to Xandos and the Regent/Knight General Gaeridan Balagorn. Riveron became a major trade hub for the North and sealed a tight peace accord with the elves of Silverglen.

In the year 1409 SC, Kingdom was attacked like so many others, and layed to waste by the Cult of Ranan. Survivors fled to Haven Isle, and a small group remained in the catacombs of the city for ten years. During those years a plague of undead took the city, left as a curse by the Cult, which was later flushed out by the armies of Haven in 1419 SC.

In 1421 the city regained most of its luster, though some wounds never heal, the city is fairly distrustful of anyone who does not follow their religious creeds.

Life and Society

Riveron is Song, women and wine, a city which bustles day and night. After the sun sets, its many taverns fill with song and laughter, as the city enjoys the fruits of its hard labors. Despite many a set back and disaster over the years, they still revel from time to time. Making the town every travelers stop in the north.

Other Towns

Ramasgrad (Small Town 2000) This small farm town was the first city settled by King Ramas before becoming a King. It was saved by Ramas and a group of other mercenaries from a group of bandits that were terrorizing the land. Now named for him, it is the agricultural center for the Kingdom, and where most of the food and drink is produced in the region.

Medadin (Small Village 800) This lake shore village on Lake Medadin, was the home of Ramas when he lived amoungst the people. The large lake and river which flows to the sea’s north of Riveron, is home to the Riveron Navy, and its community is charged with the construction and repair of most ships.

Northern Valley (Small Village 1000) This Valley contains a small spread out community that lines the hills on either side. Made up of mostly ranchers, most of the herds supplement Ramasgrads agricultural production. It also is the pathway from the east, and recieves great traffic from Duskenport, which keeps this road quite heavily guarded.

Glen of Eternal Light (Small Town 2000) After a few elves fled their homes seeking new leadership, they found the free thinking world of the Humans to be worth their time. They settled a strip of forest near Lake Medadin and constructed a city to themselves.


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