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Capital: Dusken Port

Population: 20,000 (50% Human, 20% Half Elf, 20% Elven, 10% Other)

Government: Monarchy/Magocracy(Empress Leida Shemov)

Religions: Adrastar

Exports: Magic Items, Potions, Precious Metals and Gems

Alignment: N


Its said that the empire of Shar was the first human settlement, with its original captital of Sharranar. The founding of the city is hidden in ledgend but many scholars believe it to have been founded approximately 3000 years before the Sharran Compact. The Sharran Compact started a new age for all people in Shar.

During the Compact, King Kegoroth Nathandem ruled the aspiring Kingdom. Kegoroth, was one of the Dragon exarchs, who had forged much of the world as it was known. He took on the form of a human to blend in, and was one of the few creator beings that maintained direct contact with his people. Later the Kingdom would pass to his eldest son, born of a mortal human by the name of Dorm. It was during Dorms Dynasty, that the Empire grew strength and eventually became a terror.

In 1372 with the forging of the Kingdom of Riveron, by Dorm’s brother Ramas. A new temporary peace was formed. Though the hate and bitterness brought on by the Empires history would come back to haunt them in the year 1409, when the great war led by the Cult of Ranan devestated the Capital of Sharranar, and later went on to destroy many of the empires great cities.

Like many of the other Kingdoms of its time, the survivors fled to Haven Isle. In the year 1419, the empire would rise again. The Esuni Magi, an order of neutral Wizards, who had for millenia kept the peace between nations, now choose to be no ones sword in war. Having a birthplace in the old Shar empire, they felt as they were the heirs to its throne.

Sage Rhespen Duskmere, head of the order, collected the last reminents of the old Sharran military, and set out to reconquer the lands. Starting with the Dusken Port, a city named after his very family. Driving the Orc occupational army out of the city, the Magi grand council, voted on selecting a new leader, one that would rule all of Shar, with the direction of the Magi Council.

In 1420 The council named Leida Shemov the new Empress of Shar, he High King consorts, Waldred and Rhespen would serve under her, and then the Magi Council. With their power and knowledge the reforged the city, and a new army to take back the lost cities of the empire. In 1421, they launched a new expedition to take back the old Captital of Sharranar.

Life and Society

The People of Shar enjoy a life filled with magic. Almost to an obessive level, as almost all aspects of common life are infulenced by some magical or enchanted product of the Esuni Magi who now rule the city. Still open to many, magic is openly used, but heavily regulated, and those not schooled by the Esuni soon stand out and are quickly investigated.

Other Towns

Hawks Rest(Small Town 2000) This Small town was founded by the Hawksong Clan of elves from Silverglen. Wishing to remove themselves from the stuffy customs of Elvish life, they found a unique home near the Human lands of Shar. After the establishment of the city of Duskenport, founded by the Duskmere Clan of elves, there was a great migration to that region, and many elves found it very hospitable. Though the people of Hawks rest enjoy their seccusion high on the hills near the Iron Mountain range.


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