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Capital: Silverglen

Population: 15,000 (90% Elven, 5% Half Elf, 5% Human)

Government: Monarchy

Religions: Adrastar (Mostly Tyrthanix)

Exports: Wine, cloths, timber, Leather, exotic items

Alignment: G

An ancient Elven realm, that was started may millenia before the human Kingdoms. Some believe that the Elves of Shar came from another land, and settled here, since no traditions or stories include them at the time of creation near humans. Following their creator god, the Dragon Tyrthanix, they do have a reverence for the Adrastar.

Life and Society

Keeping to themselves, the Elves live a life of seclusion from the rest of the world. Though not to the point of anti social, some do venture out into the world and outsiders welcomed, but watched carefully.


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